Upcoming events

7-13.07The 15th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies - IATS2019ParisTBC

Brussels, May 8-10, 2019

Digital Access to Textual Cultural Heritage 2019 Annual Conference - DATeCH2019

Christopher Handy presents the DATeCH poster at the poster session on May 9

Tel Aviv, March 26, 2019

Department of East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University - Departmental Colloquium 'Editing without an Ur-text: Buddhist Sūtras, Rabbinic Text Criticism, and the Open Philology Digital Humanities Project'

Prof. J. Silk visits Tel Aviv University

Denver, March 23, 2019

Association for Asian Studies 2019 Annual Conference - AAS2019

Christopher Handy tells about the project


Featured activities

DADH2018, Taipei, 19.12.2018. Christopher Handy is giving a presentation on Tibetan-Chinese-Sanskrit text alignment using intelligent agents and genetic algorithms
18.12-21.12.20189th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities - DADHTaipei
12.09 -14.09.2018Open Philology - rKTs meetingLeiden University
27.04 - 27.04.2018Digital Humanities Asia 2018 Summit - DHAsia2018Stanford
19.01 - 23.01.2018Open Philology - Chris Blackwell, Furman UniversityLeiden University